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The Philosophy
Most retailers (online or not) end stuff in figures like ď99 centsĒ and ď98 centsĒ to try and trick you into thinking the item costs less but we donít, all of our figures are in $1 increments and this also makes it easy to figure out what the total of your order comes to. Most online retailers also over-charge on shipping more than what it costs them to ship something to try and trick you into thinking that you are getting the items for less, and for standalone online stores they often wait until you have filled out all of your info to hit you with an unreasonably high shipping cost hoping you will just click to place the order after coming so far, we charge a lot less than what it costs to ship for everything except for novelty bills at $1 shipping per order and we tell you how much shipping is right from the very start. Most online retailers do not show a measuring tape in their pictures which then for items that you donít already know how big it is makes it hard to tell how big it is but we do, and itís a better system than showing a common U.S. currency coin in the picture as it is more precise and easier to tell exactly how big something is at a glance. Most online retailers donít bother to write very good descriptions but for items that we have multiple of in stock we do helping consumers to be better educated about the products before deciding on a purchase because we are not just trying to earn money and make great products more available but also to educate as well.